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Baling Twine

Community Twine Recycling (CTR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and specialized assistance to establish twine recycling programs across the nation. We can help you to organize the collection, storage, and transportation of discarded twine so that it can be recycled into useful products. Contact us now to get started.

Start Recycling Baling Twine We are here to help your youth group, agricultural business, zoo, guest ranch, and hobby livestock group to collect, transport, and recycle discarded baling twine. More Info

Why Recycle?

Most of the baling twine used in rural areas ends up in a landfill. Much of it accumulates on landowners’ property or is burned. Twine recycling can be a benefit to your community as you build working relationships while cleaning up the environment. With support from local landfills, county governments, industry, local businesses and national organizations we are seeking to make twine recycling available in all states.

The Impact on Animals

Wildlife and livestock can ingest baling twine and become seriously ill or die. Twine poses an especially deadly strangling hazard to birds. Researchers have reported that baling twine is responsible for entangling and killing around ten percent of osprey chicks annually in some states.

An osprey entagled in baling twine and dangling from its nest.
A close-up of the osprey entagled in baling twine.

Osprey photos: Copyright © Idaho Department of Fish and Game